Ways Freelancers Can Help Build Your Business

When it comes to partnering with freelancers to build your business, some of the most in-demand skills include website or app development, graphic design, and writing. But did you know there are freelancers who specialize in pretty much any skill you can think of?

Engaging freelancers to support your business can help you save time so you can focus your efforts where your return on investment is the greatest. This is true whether you are a one-person show or a large company.

We recently asked the Upwork community what kind of support would make the biggest difference to their businesses. Here’s a sample of their responses—a great indication of the variety of help that is available through Upwork.

“The idea is to release me from tasks that take up huge chunks from my day so that I can completely focus on doing the one thing that gives me satisfaction: UX Design.”

“I’d delegate raising my three teenage daughters to a freelancer if I could!!! Haha! More boring answer is tax return processing.”

“He/she can help me as a Project Manager when I am busy. Discussing better possibilities [from a different perspective] can give me a better output for the project.”

“I wish I could hire someone to handle all my hiring and payroll!”

“I’m a Top Rated freelancer myself on Upwork, so I would like to delegate the marketing tasks to another freelancer to help me grow my freelance business. I would also like a helping hand to manage emails and task documents.”

“I would like to hire a virtual assistant that could help me organize my existing tasks and brainstorm ideas that can enhance my freelancing business.”

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Hire Freelance Business Bloggers to Boost Your Search Presence

Fact: businesses that blog receive 97% more inbound links versus those that don’t.

The problem? Blogging is time-consuming. And not every small business has a dedicated wordsmith on hand.

Freelance writers can cover just about any topic, either through firsthand expertise or research. Need to target keywords for SEO? Looking for someone to beef up your business’ blog? Having freelance bloggers on deck is helpful for one-off projects and long-term SEO pushes alike.

Put Your Company Front-and-Center in Google with CPA Ads

You’re probably seeing the theme here: taking a DIY approach to paid ads is rarely a good idea.

Whether it’s for Google or Amazon, PPC ads are effective for getting your products in front of searchers with specific intent based on keywords. The beauty of PPC ads is that you quite literally get what you pay for in terms of clicks. That said, you’re going to need someone who knows keyword research and Google’s Ad platform inside and out.

Fiverr Pro-verified DerekCPA is a shining example of a PPC expert in action, working on behalf of multi-million dollar companies while also helping small businesses set up their Google Adwords from scratch.