Google Adsense

Starting a blog site can be very challenging. As a result, one of the only ways one could monetize at the time was by using Google Adsense. With this income-earning strategy, you simply sign up and Google gives you a code to copy and paste onto your website. From there, Google does the rest and you get paid any time someone clicks on your ads and/or makes a purchase.

You have to keep in mind that, most of the ads on websites are for financial products that pay out rather well. If your blog is in a different niche like food or fashion, it may take you longer for your ads to pay off with your first $100 check.

Text Links

The second way to make at least $100 at first was via text links. If you’re wondering what text links are, check out any article on the web and you’ll see highlighted words you can click out to take you to another web page.

While I didn’t realize it for quite a while, there are a ton of companies who are willing to pay $100, $200, and even $1,000 or more for you to link from your website to theirs. But I was pretty stoked when a few companies would pay me $100 or more just for inserting a link into one of my blog posts.

Unfortunately, I eventually learned that selling text links is against Google’s terms and conditions. If you are doing this on a consistent basis, your website is going to tank over the long-term.

For that reason, selling text links isn’t a good long-term monetization strategy.

Sponsored Posts

With a sponsored post, a company pays you to talk about their product or service on their website. While you can initially make $100 to $200 for each sponsored post

If you plan to do sponsored posts, I definitely recommend only working with companies you believe in and feel good promoting. If you promote anything and everything without making sure it aligns with your values, you probably won’t gain a lot of trust from your readers. Over time, this could hurt your efforts to grow your website more than the income from sponsored posts helps.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. When If you able to add affiliate links to your website, you will watch your income surge in a big way in a matter of weeks!

In the financial planning niche, affiliates include companies like online brokerages, online banks, and financial tools. These kinds of companies pay very good money if you’re willing to promote them.

While the type of affiliates you work with will vary depending on the niche you’re in, keep in mind that some companies will pay you up to $100 per conversion. It’s not too hard to start earning real money with that kind of return on your time.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another way to earn online income if you don’t mind earning some of your money with active work. Another benefit of freelance writing is that you can gain exposure by writing for larger websites.

plenty of freelance writers earn $250, $500, and even $1,000 or more per article.

Some freelance writers are even earning six figures or more writing from home each year. The earn over $200,000 per year writing articles for other websites. some sites offer courses online ,you can check out if you want to become a freelance writer but need some help getting started.

Selling Leads

if you look into Good Financial Cents, Eventually, you will find out that a handful of insurance companies are willing to pay for leads generated through websites. These companies would pay between $35 to $100 per lead, which is insane. This is a big eye-opener

Also note that it’s not just life insurance companies willing to pay for leads. There are a ton of different avenues and lead generation strategies out there, so make sure to consider all the possibilities.

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