Ready to scale your online business? Let me tell you how”

Awesome! Scale means growth, profit, and success. If you get it right. And scaling can be expensive, which is where Fiverr freelancers come in. Hiring experienced freelancers on an as-needed basis saves you time and resources and means you don’t have to hire in-house staff, get more office space, and all the other overheads that go along with it.

More and more businesses are seeing the value in hiring great freelancers rather than hiring full-time staffers.

In fact, LinkedIn noted that 70% of businesses have worked with freelancers as of 2018. On the flip side, only 52% of small businesses hired employees in 2018.

Why, though? We already know that freelancers are more dynamic and cost-effective than traditional employees. The diversity of our own FiverrCPA  is proof that today’s freelancers can tackle just about any area of expertise for SMBs.

You’d be surprised at just how many ways freelancers can scale a small business.

That’s exactly why we put together this list of 50 ways Fiverr freelancers are giving modern businesses a much-needed boost.

What Can Freelancers Do to Help You Scale?

Hiring talent goes hand-in-hand with building a thriving, scalable business.

That doesn’t mean bogging yourself down with hiring and training new employees, though.

Instead, we recommend that you start with freelancers.

Below is our breakdown of how to use freelancers to scale your business. No matter what you’re selling or how “small” your business might be, chances are you can find a freelancer that can get the job done ASAP and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hire.

Build Your Business Plan

Many small businesses start out with, at best, a half-page bare-bones business plan, which is more like a mission statement than an actual plan. And still others start with no business plan at all. Which may work for a while, but as your company grows and you want to scale, you haveto have a business plan. You’ll never secure funding or investment, and you’ll never truly scale without one. And it needs to be a proper one – with real forecasts, measurable goals, and so on. If you don’t know where to start and you don’t want to hire an over-priced agency or business consultant, come to Fiverr. We’ve got plenty of top-drawer professional freelancers who can help you craft a business plan and get your mission to scale off on the path to success.

Even if you already have a business plan, you may find that you’ve outgrown it. Therefore, it’s important to revisit, and possibly revise, your business plan every year or two.

Validate Your Idea

You’ve got your business plan, and you may even be experiencing a certain amount of success already. But, if you’re looking to scale your small business, either by expanding your product or service offerings, or just by pushing your existing ones, it’s important that you validate your concept. Just because you’re experiencing success on a small scale, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your idea has merit and can support a growing business on a larger scale. So make sure you conduct adequate market research using specialist market research freelancers. These professionals can look at your audience, your competitors, and the wider industry to make sure your ideas hold water.

You can then work with a marketing strategist to ensure you’re positioning yourself correctly.

Invest in Your Business’ Branding to Stand Out from the Crowd

You might have the best product or service in the world, but it doesn’t mean much if your branding is totally off-base.

From creatives to positioning, working with a branding expert can uncover opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, creative freelancers can actually put together branding kits or promotional packages to transform your brand into something totally new.

Rethink Your Marketing Strategy

Should you be more active on social media? Do you need to produce more content?

Marketing strategists are key to determining what your top priorities should be and what you need to reach your goals.

With so many ways to market your business online today, having a second opinion can keep your business from stretching itself thin or investing in marketing channels that don’t make sense. Fiverr Pros like Miami Marketer offer a roadmap and consulting to help guide your business accordingly.