Do You Know You Can Take Your Business To The Next Level ? See How Freelancers Can Help Scale Your Business Online

The world is going digital especially during this pandemic “‘
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Put Your Company Front-and-Center in Google with CPA Ads

You’re probably seeing the theme here: taking a DIY approach to paid ads is rarely a good idea.

Whether it’s for Google or Amazon, PPC ads are effective for getting your products in front of searchers with specific intent based on keywords. The beauty of PPC ads is that you quite literally get what you pay for in terms of clicks. That said, you’re going to need someone who knows keyword research and Google’s Ad platform inside and out.

Fiverr Pro-verified DerekCPA is a shining example of a PPC expert in action, working on behalf of multi-million dollar companies while also helping small businesses set up their Google Adwords from scratch.

Let a Social-Savvy Marketer Take the Reins of Your Social Accounts

Social media isn’t just reserved for big brands.

Of course, social media is a notorious time-waster for businesses who don’t have an explicit strategy or someone who knows the ropes of each social network. And many SMBs can’t afford to have someone manage their accounts in-house and full-time.

The solution? Work with a freelancer! Hiring a social media manager on an ongoing basis means that your accounts won’t gather cobwebs, but doing so won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Skilled social managers can likewise uncover creative ways to engage new followers and win customers. Many have access to paid third-party tools, too, further saving you money.

Build an Email List of Loyal Subscribers

You’ve heard the phrase, “the money is in the list”, right? Well, it’s true. An email list allows you to regularly engage your subscribers and customers.

And while email marketing is known to have a sky-high ROI ($38 in return for every $1 spent), setting up your first campaign can be daunting if you’re starting from scratch.

That’s where Fiverr freelancers can help. You can find email marketing freelancers on Fiverr who specialize in any email marketing services such as MailChimp and SendGrid. They also know how to craft perfect emails that engage your subscribers and encourage them to take action. Rather than second-guessing what to send and when to send it, let an established expert do the legwork for you.

Design an Infographic That Sells Your Service’s Strengths

Infographics are a totally underrated way to highlight what your product does to relevant customers.

One of the most popular types of content on social media, an infographic allows you to showcase your product’s strongest points at a glance.

Rather than require someone to read a blog post to understand what you’re selling, you can tell your story in a matter of seconds by presenting the key points in a striking visual format. Infographic designers on the Fiverr marketplace can create an infographic to your specifications easily.

Get More Eyes on Your Business with a Digital Commercial

Although product commercials and video marketing used to be associated with big-budget brands, small businesses are getting on board with the help of freelancers.

Showcasing your product in action not only helps you convert more customers, but also keeps your on-site visitors glued to your product or landing pages.

Set Up an Ecommerce Store to Reach More Customers

Not unlike WordPress, integrating an ecommerce platform into your site can be a headache for small business owners looking to take their products online.

Finding a freelance website developer with ecommerce experience can take care of that headache, though. Fiverr freelancers can set up a Shopify storefront that’s fully functional and ready to start selling in a matter of days.

Scale Your Business’ Content Strategy

Many small businesses are upping their investment in content marketing. A scalable solution that’s likewise great for SEO and authority, it offers long-term rewards and, potentially, greater ROI than PPC.

Whether it’s someone to come up with a content plan or do the actual writing for you, it pays to have a roadmap in terms of what you should produce based on your business’ budget and scope. A content strategist can provide the answers in black-and-white.

Using Freelancers to Scale Your Small Business

Leveraging freelancers is the best way to scale small business productivity and get more work done.

Diverse skill sets and expertise from hires that won’t break the bank. What could be better?

This list covers a small portion of what Fiverr freelancers can do to grow your business on your terms. If you’re ready to hire freelancers or simply learn more about what Fiverr’s talent is capable of, start your search today and watch your business blossom.